Sunday, September 12, 2010

Our Last Summer Bash

I will never get use to the idea of my kids starting school so early. When Nathan first started kindergarten and I was told that school started 2 weeks before Labor Day my first thought was that of a 3 yr. old "Why"? Since then I have gotten use to it but in our minds summer still doesn't end until after Labor Day. For this reason we decided to enjoy our great summer weather and go to the beach for the holiday. We were joined by about 5 families and we went to Cowels so Randy could teach some of the young women in our group how to surf. We had a fun day!!!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

My Baby is "8"!!!!

I can't believe that my baby is 8yrs old. Time flies! I guess I should have listened to the old ladies at the grocery store who kept telling me that time would fly by. I of course was half listening to their words of wisdom because my babies were usually screaming or crying at the time that they were sharing this information and all I could think in my mind was "time can't fly fast enough for me right now!!" Ryland has been looking forward to his birthday since October, when Nathan and Brayden celebrate their birthdays. He was so excited to have all the attention,(not like he is ever hurting for attention normally but I guess this is attention with presents so it's different). He celebrated his birthday with a party on Saturday the 27th and on Sunday(his actual birthday)with the family. The phone rang non-stop with birthday wishes from the family. He was so excited to hear from everyone. We love this little boy so much!!!