Friday, October 9, 2009


My sister Erin came to visit us the first weekend in October. Erin was smart to come to California in the fall because that is when our weather is the best! Erin and I went to Carmel and Monterey for the day,(well acutually between the hour of 9:00 and 4:00 because of school schedules). We ate brunch at a cute place in Carmel called Katie's Place, and then went window shopping in Carmel,(I say window shopping because we could not afford half the stuff we saw in the window). We came across a cute store named for all the Jane Austen lovers out there. The woman who owns it sells Georgian furniture and knick knacks from that era. She also has a collection of books about Jane Austen. My favorite store there is a candy store which has a collection of International candy. I got some goodies for Nathan's birthday to surprise him! We then went to Pacific Grove, which is a place that I always mix up with Pleasant Grove, and visited a few craft and garden stores. Last but not least, we stopped by the ocean. The place where we took these pictures is on your way to the famous 17 mile drive. It is one of my family's favorite beaches, especially if you like to explore tide pools and collect shells. The only disappointing part was that a lot of seaweed had been washed ashore so it was a little smelly. Erin wanted me to take her picture by the seaweed but after she saw the picture decided she didn't need a picture of her by this smelly tangled mess. I tried to send a picture of us to my sister Lauren with my phone but it didn't go through... so Lauren until I figure out how to download my phone onto my computer you'll have to use your imagination and picture Erin and I smiling into the phone with the backdrop being the ocean! It was a beautiful day!!!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Nathan"s 14th Birthday

We got to continue birthday week by celebrating Nathan's birthday on Monday October 5th. He will have his friend party in a couple of weeks so tonight was just with our family. We were glad to have auntie Erin with us for both Brayden and Nathan's birthdays. Nathan loves pie so of course we gave him a pumpkin pie for his birthday!

Nathan got a remote controlled Star Wars aircraft,a Star Wars DS game,a robotic bug and a blanket. Randy also bought him some new white shirts and ties for Sunday. He needed the shirts because he was growing out of the old ones. Last Saturday he went to the priesthood session of conference and as he stretched his back he ripped his shirt down the back. We kept teasing him and asking if he was going to turn green and change into the incredible hulk!

Monday, October 5, 2009


Oct 2, 2009

To celebrate Brayden's birthday we took him, his brothers and 5 of his friends to a trampoline fun center called "Sky High". The boys had a blast and the adults enjoyed chatting and taking pictures of them. It was a wild day for all, but in the end as long as Brayden enjoyed it, it was all worth it!

And a treat for all the relatives...we have'll notice our Ryland practicing his back hand springs, using the correct beginning arm positions!