Monday, August 24, 2009

My first post!!!

My sister Lauren finally fixed the photo of the boys so now we are up and running. I realized as she was typing away, fingers flying, that all my siblings know a lot more about computers than I do. I feel like this old lady who is stuck between the typewriter age and the computer age. a couple of years ago I started paying my bills online and this summer I started using Paypal so I guess I'm sort of with it!

I thought for my first post I would explain the picture of the boys. This was taken during their winter break. Here in California (were it doesn't snow) we feel the need to have a whole week off of school. I guess it use to be called "snow week". A few families would take their kids out of school and go up to the snow in Tahoe. Finally, the school district decided since so many families were doing this why not make it an offical school holiday. On this day we decided to go to San Francisco to see the new California Academy of Science museum in Golden Gate Park. Since it had opened only a month before and the fact that not all school districts had that week off we thought we would have a good chance of getting in. As we drove up we noticed that not only was there no parking for miles but their were two lines with close to 100 people in each line and they didn't look like the were moving very fast. That is when we decided that we didn't feel like science that day after all and we headed to the beach instead. We started off at Ocean beach which is just down from Golden Gate Park. The boys played their for awhile but we noticed that the sand was kind of yucky! It looked like it had some sort of black oil or maybe residue of tar from the railroad ties that they used to make the stairs. We decided to leave there and travel down the coast looking for the best beach ever!!! We finally found one that met our criteria. It was near Pescadero (I hope I spelled that right). We went into town and got some groceries for lunch and had a picnic on this beach. The boys had fun for hours playing in the sand and exploring. The only weird part was that there was a dead elephant seal that had wash up on shore. We kept avoiding that area because it was starting to stink. As we started back to our car we noticed this man hovered over the elephant seal carcass cutting something off of it. (You don't see something like that everyday)! We were speculating why this man would be doing this. First, we thought he might be homless and was looking for some fresh meat, then we thought maybe he was a marine biologist and he was taking samples back to his lab. We never did get gutsy enough to ask him because let's face it the other possibility was that he was a deranged mental patient who had escaped!